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What better time to Re-decorate then S-U-M-M-E-R!?

What better time to Re-decorate then  S-U-M-M-E-R!?!?!?!?

Whether it be a contemporary sectional sofas for  your ultra modern living room, Furniture… NEW furniture always makes the room Re-freashed!

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What’s with the Tulip Table?

Did you know all the option out there for the Eero Sarineen Tulip table?  This classic piece is a staple in every mid-century design space!  Fiberglass options: WHITE, BLACK,, ROSEWOOD, WALNUT, GLASS

Marble Options: White/white, Black/black

OH and SIZES!! You think of a number and they probably have that in the diameter!!

AMAZING Summer Deals from Modloft

From our beginnings in 2005, their philosophy lives strong. Italian design, sleek price, and functionality remain MODLOFT’s foundation.  The Gorgeous all Hardwood imported from Brazil creates a dramatic and durable center piece for any room.

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Furniture Trends That Come and Go

A lot of trends seem to come and go.  Hair styles, clothes, even automobiles.

One sector that is forever evolving, is modern furniture.

It can seem that one day you’re buying a piece of contemporary furniture only for the next day to see something more modern come in stock.

When choosing a piece for your living space, obviously take into account personal tastes, but try to envisage something that will stand the test of time.  A classic example of this is mid century modern furniture.  From the 70s right up to the current day, this style of furniture has never dated.  It can look as fresh or retro as you want it to and can give flair of decadence yet simplicity within your home.

Clean lines and form give the perfect balance of feng shui and will have you smiling as soon as you enter your living space.

Our modern sectional sofas have never disappeared from the tongues of style gurus.  Gracing the covers of many living magazines, these pieces transform the most dull and lifeless apartments into something fabulous and fantastic.

These pieces can be available in a beautiful clean white, or a hypnotic black color.  Be sure to keep minimal in mind as these sofas can take up space.  A simple black coffee table when choosing either color will complement this piece magnificently.  What will complete this look?  A perfect cup of coffee in the morning or a glamorous glass of champagne before your guests arrive.

Cest Magnifique.